Thomas Keble Sports Awards 2020

It is with great pleasure that we are able to release our 2020 Sports Awards Video Presentation.  Regrettably we were not able to host our annual Awards at the school as in previous years due to lockdown.  We are also minus our summer sports as a consequence of this, but we are so happy to be able to show everyone this video which showcases and celebrates the outstanding efforts and achievements of some of our best athletes.

We have so many things to be proud of this year with sport and it’s an honour to have the opportunity to congratulate the many pupils from TK who have done so well in their respective areas.

We had lots and lots of individual success stories and our team successes kept coming too.  Highlights included our Year 7 Basketball team winning the District title, our Year 7 Boys Football team winning the Regional District title (they surely would have gone on to win the Area District title as well!), the Year 7 Girls Netball team reaching the District Semi-Finals, our outstanding Year 11 Boys Football team winning their group in the District and also getting to the last 16 in the country in the National Cup, and our Year 10 Boys Basketball team winning the District title with a thumping victory over Archway.  Our Year 10 Girls Netball team also won a number of games in convincing style and they possess arguably the most talented bunch of players we’ve ever had at TK which makes next year so exciting.

Now is not the time to list all our individual success stories from the year but it is the time to announce the winners of the Sports Awards for each sport we have been fortunate enough to complete this year.

The following video can be watched in one go or scrolled through to the various sports on demand.  It will also go live on our Instagram account on IGTV.

We are so proud of all our pupils and the very many students who take part and enjoy their sport so much.  There are a huge amount of pupils who could have won these awards and we salute each and every one of you for making sport at TK so special.  We hope and pray sport can return to some kind of normal next year but in the meantime please stay active, stay healthy and stay the distance until our return. Winners of each Award will be able to receive their trophies when we come back in September.

Best regards

Mr Price

Head of PE

Induction Film for Year 6s joining Year 7 in September 2020

In July we usually hold two school ‘induction days’ where all of the Year 6 joining us have two special days experiencing some of our lessons and meeting important people at the school. On these two days the pupils would find out who is in their tutor group, which House they are in and who their tutor is. These are really special days where we hope to remove any fears the children may have before the summer holiday. Clearly this has not been able to take place under Covid-19 regulations. But don’t worry – Mrs Burnside has created the video below to introduce you to Thomas Keble School, and to your tutors, key members of staff and to your future friends! Click on the link below to view it:

Induction Film for Year 7 2020-21