Sports Fixtures w/b 07/10/2019

Monday 07/10/19

  • Year 7 and 8 Rugby v Kingshill. Home. Finish for 5.00pm.
  • Year 11 District Netball Tournament @ Wycliffe College. Leave at 2.00pm return for 5.00pm.
  • Year 9 House Rugby and Netball. Periods 4 and 5.

Tuesday 08/10/2019

  • U16 Girls National Cup Football v KLB. Home. Finish for 5.00pm.
  • Year 8 House Rugby and Netball. Periods 4 and 5.

Wednesday 09/10/19

  • KLB District X-Country Team Event. Leave at 3.15pm return for 5.45pm.
  • Year 10 House Rugby and Netball. Periods 1 and 2.

Thursday 10/10/19

  • Year 9 Rugby v Maidenhill and Archway. Away @ Archway. Finish for 5.00pm
  • Year 7, 8, 9 + 10 Netball v Deer Park. Home. Finish for 5.00pm
  • Year 11 House Rugby and Netball. Periods 3 and 4.

Results w/b 30/09/2019


  • Year 7 Netball beat Archway 19-0!!!!
  • Year 8 Netball lost 18-11 to Archway
  • Year 9 Netball won 12-10 to Archway
  • Year 11 Netball lost 40-19 to Archway


  • Year 7 Girls finished 2nd out of 14 teams
  • Year 7 Boys finished 4th and 5th out of 14 teams
  • Year 8 Girls finished 5th out of 11 teams
  • Year 8 Boys finished 8th out of 12 teams


  • Year 7 A team won 2, drew 1 and lost 2 at the Deer Park Tournament
  • Year 11 lost Maidenhill in a very competitive game

Pick-up and Drop-off zone at TK

In the interests of the safety of all students, we should like to remind you of the traffic restrictions on the school site: no parent cars will be permitted on the school site between 8.25 and 8.55am or between 2.45 and 3.15pm.  During these times students may be dropped off or picked up in the layby at the top of the school crescent or on Middle Hill from where they are able to access the school via Eastcombe playing fields and through the rear pedestrian gate.  We also request that pupils are not dropped off and picked up from the rear pedestrian gate in Stonecote Ridge as this is causing a nuisance to our neighbours.

Many thanks for your assistance in this matter.