TK Sport

Thomas Keble offers a wide range of inspirational and exciting opportunities for pupils of all ages.  Beyond the curriculum pupils have the chance to engage in diverse as well as traditional sports allowing them to represent their school as well as simply get involved in activities they enjoy.

The school offers a large number of after school and lunchtime clubs ranging from Rugby, Football, Hockey, Basketball and Badminton to Athletics, Cricket, Rounders and Tennis.  There are also other activities such as Skiing, Trampolining and Table-Tennis.  Pupils of all abilities and both boys and girls are encouraged to get involved with as many sports as possible. The Pathway to success in all sports is a driving force at Thomas Keble.  Pupils are encouraged to attend school clubs from showing promise in their PE lessons, they are then invited to attend local sports clubs where they can develop their skills even more.  The opportunities to represent their District and County are then established and the school offers continued support for a large number of elite athletes as they progress in their sporting careers.

Alongside the clubs on offer at Thomas Keble the school also provides a superb range of trips and excursions which act to inspire and motivate the pupils even more.  Every two years the school embarks on a Ski trip to Europe and each year in-between we run a Sports Tour to Spain.  The school has visited both Barcelona, Valencia  and Real Madrid Football Clubs and ran a Rugby and Netball tour to Paris in February 2017! The school has now established an annual Netball tour lasting 3 days involving tournament play for our lower school pupils.  This is soon to be accompanied by a Rugby tour matching the impressive development and strength of Rugby at the school.  Each year Thomas Keble also runs a Match Day Package to a Premiership Football game including West Brom and Aston Villa FC.

Our focus is not just on team sports.  We have a very impressive Sports Academy Programme and subscribe to the excellent Sky Sports Living for Sport initiative.  This involves Athlete Mentors provided by Sky Sports visiting the school and supporting our pupils.  We have also taken a group of pupils to the Paralympic Games in 2012 visiting the Olympic Stadium which truly was an unforgettable experience for all involved. Each year our GCSE PE / BTEC Sport pupils visit the University of Bath to taste what life is like beyond Thomas Keble.  They have a chance to meet future Olympians and go through a full range of demanding fitness tests.  This really does motivate them to think more deeply about how sport can become a career.

Last but not least, the school continues to offer a special event called a Sports Fair.  This is where numerous local sports clubs come up to the school to showcase their activities and encourage Thomas Keble pupils and pupils from all our local Primary Schools to join new clubs and find out more about what is on offer in Stroud.  This event has been so popular it is now offered at the weekend allowing the whole local community to get involved with Thomas Keble at the heart of it all. Thomas Keble continues to strive for excellence and provide our pupils with the best possible opportunities to develop and progress in sport.  This was recently recognised by Ofsted who deemed the school to offer an ‘exceptional level of extra-curricular sport’ to it’s pupils. (Ofsted 2013)