The Brimscombe Boys – Production March 2018

25th April 2017

The Brimscombe Boys – Production March 2018

The Brimscombe Boys – Production March 2018

The Brimscombe Boys – Production March 2018

The Brimscombe Boys – Production March 2018

Performing Arts


Music and Drama clubs:  new members are always encouraged to join our Music and Drama Clubs.  Judging by the high standard of singing and acting in House Music / Drama and March 2018’s production of “The Brimscombe Boys”, written by English teacher Mr Breeze, we have an influx of talented new participants!   


Music Extra-Curricular Clubs

Click on the link to download the poster below: Music Clubs 2017-18


Drama has a thriving extra-curricular schedule, and there are numerous opportunities for students to involve themselves in theatrical experiences right from the beginning of Year 7, starting with the Year 7 House Drama competition in the autumn term. Each year the school production takes place in which our younger students just as much as the older ones will be encouraged to participate.


Below are just some of the events that the department has planned:


KS3 Drama club

Main school production, involving students from all years

Drama workshops with visiting theatre companies

Performances in the school summer and Christmas concerts

Theatre trips to local theatres

Annual House Drama Competitions

Visiting theatre company performances


Students are welcome to join lunchtime drama clubs which work towards public performances at school concerts and House Drama competitions. At other times of the year, the department is busy rehearsing at lunchtimes, after school and weekends for the major school production held every year in the school hall. If your child is interested in performing arts, there are many opportunities for them to foster their talent at Thomas Keble, and they will certainly be encouraged to do so!

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