Duke of Edinburgh's Award


28th October 2015
Duke of Edinburgh's Award


Duke of Edinburgh's Award


24th August 2017

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Welcome to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The DofE programme is an amazing opportunity that we offer at 2 levels: Bronze in Year 9 and Silver in Year 10. It is truly inclusive; it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, there’s a DofE option for you.

The Award consists of four sections: Volunteering, Skill, Physical and the Expedition. You’ll find yourself helping people and the community, getting fitter, developing or exploring new skills and going on an exciting expedition where you will be entirely self-sufficient for 2 days at Bronze or 3 days at Silver.

The best part? You choose what you do for your sections. Students complete a real kaleidoscope of activities: yoga, volunteering at donkey sanctuaries, painting, sword skills, photography, refereeing sport, teaching primary students sport, cooking, producing miniature horse tack, road cycling and many more!

Expeditions are coordinated by staff at Thomas Keble School. Bronze Award participants spend 2 days in the Cotswolds walking with an overnight camp. It gets really get exciting for Silver participants with training in the Forest of Dean and expeditions across the beautiful Black Mountains in South Wales for 3 days with 2 overnight camps.

For further information, please see Mr Acton for the Bronze Award, and Mrs Carpenter for the Silver Award, or Mrs Buxton who is our Award verifier.  

Letters home re: DofE dates etc. 2020-21

For documents relating to participation in the Award, please click on the links below

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Information Leaflet

Enrolment Form

Kit List Bronze

Kit List Silver


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