Staff List 2019-20

Senior Management Team

Miss J Maunder: Headteacher

Mr C Patrick: Deputy Headteacher/Teaching & Learning

Mrs C Rossiter: Assistant Headteacher/Pastoral Care

Ms J Phillips: Business Manager

Full Staff List

Mr P Acton : Classroom Teacher – Geography
Mr S Allen:   Classroom Teacher – Maths / Joint 2nd in Maths
Mrs D Balster: Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Horticulture
Mrs D Bartleman: Technician
Mrs M Beddoe: Teaching Assistant – SEN
Miss E Belcher: Head of Department – Special Educational Needs
Mr A Bint: IT Technician / Site & Premises
Mrs P Birch:  PA to SMT/Heads of Key Stage / SEND Admin Officer
Ms S Blackmore: Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Science
Mr M Blaylock: Classroom Teacher – 2nd in PE/Head of Vocational PE
Mr A Breeze: Classroom Teacher – Joint 2nd in English
Ms S Brodie: Head of Faculty: Science / Year Leader: Y8
Mr J Burgess: Classroom Teacher – Head of Music
Mrs V Burnside: Year Leader (Year 7)/Head of Key Stage 3 / Classroom Teacher – Science
Mrs J Buxton: Reprographics Technician / Medical Lead
Miss V Cannam: Classroom Teacher – English
Mrs C Carpenter: Head of Faculty – Maths & Computing
Mrs W Chandler: Teaching Assistant – SEN
Mrs A Clarke: PA to Head/Clerk to Governors/Company Secretary / Deputy DSL
Mr B Clarke: Head of Department – Art / Training Manager
Miss A Cole: Classroom Teacher – Science
Mrs J Cox: Teaching Assistant – SEN
Mr B Crane: Site Apprentice
Ms J Crosby: Head of Faculty – Performing Arts
Mrs S Davies: Science Technician
Mrs B Davis: Attendance Officer
Mrs E Dawe: Classroom Teacher – DT
Mrs M Dempsey: Year Leader (Year 9)/ Head of Department/PSE/H&SC
Mrs P Dodd: Head of Faculty – English
Mr W Eatwell: IT Technician
Mrs K Ellor: Technology Technician
Mrs E Fawcus-Gibbs: Higher Level Teaching Assistant – English
Mrs K Fearnley: Pastoral Student Welfare Officer
Ms A Forbes: Classroom Teacher – Literacy/Learning Suite
Mrs S Foster: Teaching Assistant – SEN                                                           

Mrs J Gandy: Display Officer
Mrs S Green: Pastoral Student Support Officer
Mrs A Guarino: Learning Support Assistant – SEN
Mr B Guy: Data / Exams Officer
Miss L Hardstaff: Head of Faculty – MFL
Mrs Y Hawker: Manager: Data / Exams / Admissions Office
Mrs J Haynes: Head of Citizenship/Classroom Teacher – RE
Mrs J Hunt: Librarian
Mrs J Hurren: Designated Safeguarding Lead/Senior Pastoral Lead
Mr C Jackson: Classroom Teacher – 2nd in DT
Mrs J Jarvis: Pastoral – Student and admin support
Mr G Jones: Head of Faculty – DT
Mrs M Kelly: Cover/HR Administrator
Mr R Kingscote: Head of Department – History
Mrs S Kingscote: Classroom Teacher – History
Mr T Kingston-Lee: Classroom Teacher – Maths
Mrs V Layton: Head of Department – RE
Miss J Maunder : Headteacher
Mrs T Mortimer: Teaching Assistant – SEN
Mrs J Oakhill: Attendance/Administration Assistant
Mrs A O’Brien: Classroom Teacher – MFL
Mrs J O’Connor: Finance Office Assistant
Mr G O’Malley: Operations Manager
Mrs A Parfitt: Higher Level Teaching Assistant – 2nd in SEN
Mrs E Pedoe: Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Plimmer: Classroom Teacher – English – Joint Second in English
Mrs H Powell: Teaching Assistant – SEN
Mr G Price: Head of Faculty – PE
Mrs J Rakauskiene: Science Technician
Mrs F Rand: Classroom Teacher – MFL
Mrs J Rendell: CEIAG Lead: Classroom Teacher – Geography/Careers
Mrs T Richards: Teaching Assistant – SEN
Miss K Roberts: Classroom Teacher – PE
Ms K Savage: Classroom Teacher – Science
Mrs H Smith: Cover Supervisor
Mr R South: Year Leader (Year 11)/Head of Key Stage 4 / Classroom Teacher – History/RE
Mrs M Spring: Teaching Assistant – SEN
Mrs L Stradling: Classroom Teacher – 2nd in PE / Girls’ PE
Miss C Thevenin: Teaching Assistant – SEN
Mr J Whalley: Classroom Teacher / Head of ICT
Mrs K Wheeler: Classroom Teacher – English
Mrs H Whight: Classroom Teacher – Art
Ms H Whitmore: Receptionist/Administrator/Events Coordinator
Mrs A Wallace: Teaching Assistant – SEN / EHCP Case Worker
Mrs A Williams: Head of Department – Geography
Mr B Williams: Classroom Teacher – Maths                                                       

Mr T Williams: Year Leader – Year 10 / Classroom Teacher – PE
Mr J Wolfin: Cover Supervisor
Mr S Woodcock: Pastoral Support Worker
Mr P Wynn: Caretaker