School policies are designed and written to clarify and explain the approach the school adopts across a wide range of issues.

All policies are regularly reviewed and approved by the appropriate committee of school trustees. Key policies are available below or by contacting the school via






Admissions:  Admissions Policy 2022 for Entry in 2023 Admissions Policy 2021 for Entry in 2022
Anti-Bullying:Anti-Bullying Policy
Attendance:Attendance Policy
Behaviour:Behaviour Policy 2020
Careers:Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance (CEIAG) Policy Post 16 Providers Access Policy Statement
Charging for School Activities:Charging for School Activities Policy
Code of Conduct/Whistleblowing:Code of Conduct and Whistle-Blowing Policy
Communications:Communications Policy_Autumn 2020
Complaints:Complaints Policy
Confidentiality:Confidentiality Policy
Covid Risk Assessment:TK Covid Risk Assessment – March 2021
Curriculum:Curriculum Policy 2020
Data Handling & Protection:Data Handling Protection Policy
Educational Visits:Educational Visits Policy
Equality Policy:Equality Policy
Exams:Exams Policy 2020 Exams Access Arrangements Policy Disability-Policy (Exams) WS Non-Exam Assessment-Appeal-Policy 2019-20 NEA – Stage One Form NEA – Stage Two Form Internal Moderation Policy Exams Emergency-Evacuation-Policy Exam-Contingency-Plan
Feedback Policy:Thomas Keble School Feedback Policy
Home-School Agreement:COVID Home-School Agreement 2020
Medicines and First Aid:Managing Medicines and First Aid Policy
Remote Learning Contingency Plan (Covid-19 related item)TK Remote Learning Contingency Plan 2021 update
Online Safety Policy & Appendix:TK Online Safety Policy Online Safety Bullying enhancement
Online Safety Curriculum Overview
Protecting Staff from Abuse:Protecting Staff from Abuse Policy
Rewards: Rewards Policy
School Accessibility Policy & Plan:School Accessibility Policy & Plan
Safeguarding and Child Protection:Child Protection Policy
Safeguarding (Child Protection) Policy_including Covid-19 Annex_April 2020
Special Educational Needs:SEND Policy 2019 SEND Information Report 2019
Website Key Information Policy:Website Key Information Policy

Please click on the link to view the full Guide to Information Available from Thomas Keble School: Guide to Information available from Thomas Keble School

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