Thomas Keble has an agreed Code of Conduct which stresses our expectations of reasonable and polite behaviour. We ask parents to work closely with us to maintain a pleasant working and learning environment and ensure that the Code of Conduct is adhered to.

The one rule for all of us in school is: “Everyone will act with courtesy and consideration to others at all times, treating them with respect and remembering that our common purpose is to learn

This means that:

  1. You should always try to understand other people’s point of view.
  2. In class you should make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn and for the teachers to teach. (This means arriving on time with everything you need for that lesson, beginning and ending the lesson in a courteous and orderly way, listening carefully, following instructions, helping each other when appropriate and being quiet and sensible at all times.)
  3. You should move calmly and quietly about school. (This means never running, barging or shouting, but being ready to help by opening doors, standing back to let people pass and helping to carry things.) In crowded areas please keep to the left.
  4. You should always speak politely to everyone (even if you feel bad tempered!) and use a low voice. There can be no excuse for language or behaviour which offends others. (For example, shouting or using “bad language” is always discourteous.)
  5. You should be silent whenever you are required to be. Any reasonable request from a member of staff should be carried out at once and without argument.
  6. You should keep yourself clean and tidy. (Wear the full school uniform and keep to all rules about your appearance.)
  7. You should keep the school clean and tidy so that it is a welcoming place we can all be proud of. (This means only eating and drinking in the correct areas, putting all litter in bins, keeping walls and furniture clean and unmarked and taking great care of the displays, particularly other people’s work.)
  8. Out of school you should always remember that the school’s reputation depends on the way you behave.

 What the school expects from students:

Classrooms (including laboratories, workshops and sports areas) are your places of work. Just as in any factory or office, there need to be clearly understood rules and expectations to allow everyone to work successfully, safely and enjoyably. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

  1. Around the school and out of school always present a good image.  Move calmly and quietly about school. Remember it is a place of learning. You should always speak and act politely to everyone in school and outside. Only eat and drink at the correct time and in the correct areas and never drop litter. Be sensible in wet weather. Use the areas provided and keep off all grass. Follow the uniform rules. High standards are expected at all times. Always let your teachers know if you will be missing their lesson for any reason. Never leave the school site without permission from Heads of School. Always report any behaviour which may damage the school or its reputation. Remember it is your school.
  2. At the start of lessons enter rooms sensibly when given permission and go straight to your workplace. Take out books, pens and equipment. Put bags on the floor. Remain silent during registration.
  3. During lessons when your teacher talks to the whole class, remain silent and concentrate. When the class is asked a question, put up your hand to answer: do not call out (unless you are asked for quick ideas). You should have pen, pencil, ruler, diary and any book, equipment or folders needed. You are expected to work sensibly with your classmates: do not distract or annoy them. If you arrive late without justifiable cause you must expect to be detained for the amount of time you missed in order to make up the work. Homework must be written down. Eating, drinking and chewing are not allowed. Personal stereos, magazines or other distractions are not allowed; they will be confiscated. You must not leave a lesson without permission from a teacher.
  4. At the end of lessons the bell and the clock are not signals for you: they are for the information of your teacher. You should not begin to pack away until your teacher tells you to do so. When told, stand and push in or put up your chairs; any litter should be picked up. Only when your teacher finally tells you to go may you leave the room.

Finally, but most importantly:

Teachers are in the position of parents/guardians while you are in school. They also have an essential professional job to do. This means in particular that: you must never leave the school premises without permission. There is no excuse for rudeness, disrespect or insolence towards members of staff. Any reasonable request from a member of staff should be carried out at once and without argument.

The breaking of any of these basic rules will be treated as a very serious matter.

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