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Michelle Donelan MP – Parent’s Letter for National Careers Week

NCW Newsletter 2022

Careers education is a highly valued and important part of what we offer students at Thomas Keble School to prepare them for their future.

We are incredibly proud of the provision in curriculum, extra-curricular and information and guidance offered to each and every student.

You can be assured that Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) at Thomas Keble is relevant, up-to-date, impartial and engaging to students from Year 7- 11.

The school has shown excellence in its careers provision and provides a standard which is the envy of many other schools within Gloucestershire. It has been awarded the Careers Mark for the last 4 years and generously shares its expertise with other schools.

There are eight Gatsby Benchmarks (published by the DfE for all schools and colleges) all of which are met by Thomas Keble. We are delighted to be one of the few schools in the county to be able to announce this.

Hopefully this part of the website has given you answers to any questions you may have about our provision but if you would like to know more, or you feel you could contribute to our provision please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thomas Keble School Careers Policies:


A range of careers websites can be accessed via the website. These resources provide the opportunity to find information about different courses and jobs, to compare universities, alternatives to university, to search for inspiration or to find sector specific information. New websites are tested and added to the website during the academic year.

Thomas Keble School has been nationally recognised for its quality of Careers Advice.  Click on the link to read an article in SecEd, the website for teachers and school leaders working in secondary education across the UK:

Careers resources

Careers resources such as how to write a CV and covering letter guides can be accessed via Pupil Share.  The school library holds a selection of careers books and sixth form, college and university prospectuses.

Click on the link to be able to view 12 pages of useful websites and resources on the web covering all types of careers and job ideas: USEFUL_RESOURCES_ON_THE_WEB

College and Sixth Form Open Days 

College and Sixth Form Open Days for 2020-21 are currently on hold.  Please contact them directly for the latest information and guidance.

National Careers Week

For Years 8-11, a number of activities usually take place during the week which include outside speakers into assemblies and tutorial time. Many lessons will have a job focus at the beginning of the lesson and an Apprenticeship Fair for Year 9 pupils who might be interested in apprenticeships in the local area would normally be held one afternoon. For Year 7 pupils specially designed activities take place on one day during the week.

Programme of activities

Year 8

During Year 8 pupils spend half a day considering the kind of lifestyle they would like in the future and research a job they might be interested in. They learn about the different levels of qualifications and training routes e.g. study at university, apprenticeships etc. They make cost calculations and comparisons for their chosen lifestyle and job. These activities are led by either a careers advisor or a tutor.

In tutorial time, pupils use the information they gain in Year 7 about skills and qualities and continue to develop their strengths, finding out about the importance of skills and their transferability. They review and reflect on their achievements and use action-planning skills to help them reach new goals, based on their growing knowledge of themselves. Pupils also learn about equal opportunity issues in the workplace.

Year 9

Year 9 pupils take part in a number of different activities to help them consider and choose their GCSE options.  However, it is all a bit different this year.

In November pupils usually attend the “Ambitions Event” with Year 9s from other local schools. Following the success in South Gloucestershire this programme was introduced to Stroud in 2013. All Year 9s would normally choose 5 interactive workshops in which they would like to take part from a choice of 30 different employment sectors. This event is organised by SGS College and Stroud District Council. During the evening there was an opportunity for Years 9-11 and their parents or carers to speak to employers and training providers.

Through tutorials, pupils continue to develop their strengths and recognise the importance of developing their aptitudes. They use careers software to find out about career pathways and during lesson time we will confirm the pupils’ knowledge about the qualifications framework.

The pupils develop an understanding of the basic concepts and terminology of the world of work. They are given the opportunity to further explore the job families they are interested in and are able to focus on specific jobs to find out more about them. The pupils explore their attitudes and preconceptions about gender stereotypes, evaluate occupations based on their own interests, and begin to learn about some of the hard realities of the workplace. The pupils examine the concepts of transition and transferable skills.

A useful booklet to all Year 9s which details the range of subject options available to them with information about what is studied and how each course is assessed.  Please click on the link for the  Options Booklet 2021.

Thomas Keble School would normally hold an “Options” evening in February, which under normal circumstances offers an excellent opportunity to speak to subject teachers and to see a careers advisor.  This year, due to the current lockdown, teachers have prepared short informative films to help students make the right decisions about their GCSE subjects.  Please click here.

Year 10

In tutorial time, Year 10 pupils spend time career planning and are encouraged to use Career Pilot.

Year 10 pupils normally spend a day taking part in a number of different activities which are careers advisor- and tutor-led. The activities include preparing for and interviewing a range of different professionals in a “speed networking” style format.

In June, Year 10 pupils attend “taster” lessons at local sixth forms and colleges along with Year 10s from other local schools. Pupils are able to choose the lessons they would like to attend. This is a great opportunity to try out different subjects and courses which they could study after Year 11 and to spend time in the different environments.

Year 10 pupils spend a week in a work experience placement in July. This is a fantastic way to find out more about a career area of interest and to gain an insight into the world of work. Ahead of their placement, pupils are helped to prepare so that they can make the most of the experience.

Year 10s would also normally have the option of attending the “Ambitions Event” evening at Stratford Park Leisure Centre with their parents or carers to speak to employers and training providers.

A Post 16 evening is normally held by the school in January at which local sixth forms, colleges and employers are available to speak to and a number of talks given during the evening.  This was unable to take place in 2021.

Year 11

Year 11s spend a tutorial session with a careers advisor learning about their Post 16 options and considering the benefits of each one.

All Year 11s receive a careers interview with a careers advisor and a follow-up appointment may be made if required. Pupils can drop into the careers office on a Monday at lunchtime should they wish to speak to the careers advisor.

Pupils take part in CV and applications and interview preparation workshops with a careers advisor. Mock Interviews for all Year 11 are held. During tutorial time pupils review their plans and their skills and learn about the changing job market.

Year 11s have the option of attending the “Ambitions Event” evening at Stratford Park Leisure Centre with their parents or carers to speak to employers and training providers.