Dance KS4



Component 1: Solo Performance & Performance in a Duo/Trio (30% of GCSE, 40 Marks)

Students will develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of performing through a range of warm-up exercises and technique classes in a variety of styles. This will help students develop necessary physical, technical, mental and expressive skills as well as their ability to communicate choreographic intention and artistry in preparation for their final assessment of two Set Phrases in Solo Performance and their Performance in a Duo/Trio at the end of Year 11. Students will self-evaluate their progress as well as act upon feedback from the teacher and peers to improve their individual technique over the course. They will receive marks in the final assessment of both Solo Performance and Performance in a Duo/Trio for showing the capacity to improve over time.


Component 1: Choreography (30% of GCSE, 40 Marks)

The aim of this unit is to introduce and develop knowledge of the craft of the choreographic process. Students will create, develop and structure motifs using a range of stimuli and use a variety of methods and starting points to create dances for performance. Throughout choreography in Year 10, students should develop their ability to creatively and imaginatively respond to a range of stimuli as well as problem solve and synthesis ideas. Students will expand their knowledge, skills and understanding of choreographic forms and devices as well as their ability to effectively communicate ideas, feelings, emotions, meanings and moods through dance. This will prepare students for final assessment of their choreography skills through either a Solo or Group Choreography exam at the end of Year 11.


Component 2: Appreciation – Written Exam, 1 hour 30 minutes (40% of GCSE, 80 marks)

 Students will be introduced to the theoretical aspects of dance performance and learn how to critically appreciate dance in its physical, artistic, aesthetic and cultural contexts. Students will develop the ability to analyse, interpret, evaluate and appreciate both professional dance works in a range of styles as well as their own. This will help prepare students for final assessment of their appreciation skills through completion of a written exam at the end of Year 11.