Cambridge Nationals KS4




KS4 OCR Cambridge National Award in ICT

Why study ICT National Cambridge Certificate?

The OCR National Cambridge Certificate in ICT is a qualification which will introduce you to professional ways of working, and introduce you to software and techniques you would be expected to know in most office based jobs.

What will I be studying?

At the end of the course, students will have looked in detail at how ICT affects the world of business today. They will have studied issues as diverse as Health and Safety in the workplace, creating and developing a 45-60 second animation to advertise a service and how to make publicity materials as relevant to the planned audience as possible. You will also create digital images and use multimedia components to create a dynamic product.

What exams will I do?

This course has one 60 minute exam on Understanding Computer Systems.

Will I have to do controlled assessments?

The coursework is completed under controlled assessment conditions. It will be 3 separate sessions taking at least 10 hours each. You must work on your own and the level of supervision is High.