Health & Social Care KS4

GCSE in Health & Social Care is a nationally recognized work-related qualification. It is a single award GCSE which allows you to gain an understanding of health and social care, learn about the stages of human development and follow a programme of study that enables progression to further courses and employment in the health and care services.

The units studied are as follows:

  • Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision
  • Understanding Personal Development and Relationships


  • One 1 hour written exam on ‘Understanding Personal Development and Relationships’ (40%)
  • One controlled assessment unit Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision (60%) –

The controlled assessment includes:

  • the range of care needs of client groups
  • the ways people can access service and possible barriers that could prevent access
  • types of services that exist to meet needs and how
  • the principles of care and the main work roles and skills of people who provide health, social care and early years services.

Health and Social Care and the world of work

The health and social care industry is far-reaching. It is a sector that has an incalculable influence on so many people in our society. In fact, it is a sector that will impact on everyone at some point in their life. The GCSE in Health and Social Care is a good starting point for jobs in the care services such as nursing, social worker, care assistant and working with children. There is also a large variety of higher education courses that are based around health, social care, and early years’ services.

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