Resistant Materials KS4


Resistant Materials is a great subject to choose if you like designing new products, understanding what things are created from and why. In this subject we cover a wide range of topics surrounding design, manufacture and marketing. You will learn about materials, commercial manufacturing processes, health & safety, the design process and market considerations amongst other things.

Curriculum Map

The GCSE coursework forms 60% of the final marks in this subject, which (if you do well) can be a great reassurance going into the year 11 exams. As it is worth so much, it takes the form of a large project, so don’t expect to spend all your time in the workshops. The final 40% of your marks will come from the final written exam.

The Resistant Materials GCSE is delivered through the EDEXCEL exam board. Further information can be found on their website.

The units studied are as follows:

Creative design & make activity (60%)

This is the coursework project as outlined above. It will be delivered over the duration of the course and will comprise of multiple controlled assessment tasks.

Knowledge & understanding of Resistant Materials Technology (40%)

This is assessed through an exam at the end of the course. Knowledge for this exam will be acquired throughout the coursework unit and through theory lessons.


Thomas Keble Design Technology Key Stage 4