Graphics KS4

This subject is based on designing and making tasks where you will be producing a design folder and practical pieces of coursework as well as preparing for the final Theory examination. This course will allow you to specialise in the focus area of Graphics within Design and Technology.

You will learn about a range of modelling materials, manufacturing processes (CAD/CAM), techniques and technologies and be able to use them whilst designing and making. You need to be creative, practical and willing to design prototype products to fit task set by the board.

The units studied are as follows:

Written Paper (One paper with two sections)

40% of the total marks are 120 and is 2 hours long
One paper with two sections:

[Theme set by board in March prior to exam for candidates to research]

Section A (30 marks)

A design question based on context supplied before the exam

Section B (90 marks)

Covers all aspects of the specification content

Controlled Assessment (Design and Make activity in school)

90 marks (60% of the total marks)

An internally assessed and externally moderated single design-and-make activity selected from a range of task set by the examination board, consisting of a 3-dimensional outcome and a concise design folder and/or appropriate ICT evidence. These tasks are reviewed every two years.

The design folder should include about 20 pages of A3 paper (equivalent in A4 paper) or the ICT equivalent.

It is expected that students should spend about 45 hours on this activity.

As part of the evidence submitted, students should include photographs of the finished products as well as photographs at various stages of the process.

Graphic Products and the world of work:

This course is a pathway to studies in Design and Technology at Advanced Level or further study in related subjects such as vocational qualifications in Graphic Design. After further education you could go into a wide range of Design, promotional and Service industries.

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Thomas Keble Design Technology Key Stage 4