Core Science KS4

Core science is studied during Year 10. The course is designed to extend existing knowledge and provide realistic examples of how science is applied to real life.

The units studied are as follows:

  • AO1 Recall, select and communicate their knowledge and understanding of science.
  • AO2 Apply skills, knowledge and understanding of science in practical and other contexts
  • AO3 Analyse and evaluate evidence, make reasoned judgements and draw conclusions based on evidence


Assessment for Core Science takes the form of 3 exams (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) taken at the end of Year 11, and one controlled assessment to be completed during the year. Each component comprises ¼ of the overall GCSE.


The course is supported by a host of materials including an ebook which are all available on the school’s learning platform. Pupils are also encouraged to purchase revision guides to aid in their learning. These can be provided by the science team.

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