PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)

PSHE gives pupils the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe and to prepare them for life in modern Britain.

At Thomas Keble we believe that students who are emotionally healthy will perform better in school.  Our curriculum helps children and young people to achieve their potential by supporting their wellbeing and tackling issues that can affect their ability to learn, such as stress and anxiety and unhealthy relationships.  PSHE Education also helps pupils to develop skills and aptitudes like teamwork, communication and resilience that are crucial in navigating the ever changing challenges of the world.

PSHE Education is delivered through discrete lessons within curriculum time, our tutorial programme and an extensive list of external agencies.  This allows us to ensure we deliver a comprehensive, and age appropriate programme that will set our students up for the future.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 receive one hour a week of PSHE.  On top of this they have an extensive tutorial programme and external speakers.

  • Understanding themselves and others
  • Preparation for life at Thomas Keble
  • How to maintain physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing
  • Making informed choices about health and wellbeing including physical activity, the need for a healthy balanced diet, and drugs, alcohol and tobacco
  • How to assess and manage risks to health
  • Keeping themselves and others safe and how to respond in an emergency
  • The influence of the media on aspects of life including body image
  • How to develop and manage a variety of healthy relationships
  • Recognising and managing emotions
  • Dealing with risky behaviours
  • Sex and Relationships including contraception and sexually transmitted infections
  • Identifying and accessing appropriate advice/support
  • Personal finance     

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