Modern Languages KS3



At KS3 Pupils are taught basic language structures, grammar and skills through a variety of topics, based on the content of the new Grades 9-1 GCSE.  Resources are supplemented by various websites and a variety of other language materials developed by the department.

The units studied are as follows:

Year 7

All groups study equal amounts of both French and Spanish in Year 7 over the six terms in 5 lessons per fortnight.  At the end of Year 7 students then have the opportunity to choose which language they wish to continue with in Years 8 and 9.  There is a Year 7 visit to France which takes place during activities week.

Year 8

In Year 8 students continue with their chosen language over 5 lessons per fortnight, building on the grammar taught in Year 7.

Year 9

In Year 9, students follow 6 lessons of their chosen language per fortnight where they develop their linguistic skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking, in preparation for GCSE.  Year 9 students have the option to continue learning French or Spanish in KS4 to GCSE level, according to the language studied in KS3.




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