History KS3



All pupils have the opportunity to study History at Key Stage 3. In order to ensure that pupils are fully prepared for any further studies at Key Stage 4 we have decided to approach History in a thematic and chronological way. Running through the Key Stage 3 course, pupils will be able to study different aspects of the way society, power and conflict help shape our lives.

Year 7

  • Term 1: Introduction to History – Was life in Ancient Rome brutal or civilised?
  • Term 2: How different were the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons?
  • Term 3: How did William gain and maintain control of England?
  • Term 4: Was there a winner in the Crusades?
  • Term 5: Was the Black Death a turning point in the Medieval world?
  • Term 6: How and why did castles develop?

Year 8

  • Term 1: Was Henry VIII a successful king?
  • Term 2: Who dealt with their problems the best: Henry VIII or Elizabeth?
  • Term 3: What was it like to fight your neighbour?
  • Term 4: Was life really turned upside down by 1685?
  • Term 5: How did America become a nation?
  • Term 6: How did the industrial Revolution affect living conditions?

Year 9

  • Term 1: Why were men in trenches in 1915?
  • Term 2: Why did the Allies win the War?
  • Term 3: Were Versailles and the League of Nations doomed to fail?
  • Term 4: Hitler: from failure to Führer.
  • Term 5: Was the Battle of Britain the turning point in World War 2?
  • Term 6: How close were we to World War 3?

*The start of Year 7 sees all pupils studying an “Introduction to History” course over the first 3 weeks of term to introduce them to the key terms and skills necessary to take advantage of the course.