English KS3



English in KS3 develops skills acquired in KS2 and prepares students for GCSE. It focuses on developing competency, critical thinking, cultural understanding and creativity. Reading, writing, and speaking and listening skills are developed by using a broad range of texts, such as works by Dickens and Shakespeare, media texts, political speeches, historical texts and many more.


English is taught by topic (such as landscape, sports, Latin or time travel).


Cross-curricular links:

It is vital that students apply learning from one subject in another and we are proud of the links that we have made with other subjects, such as Sport, History, and Art (Year 7). These involve projects that promote independence and creativity.



We assess reading and writing separately using assessments every six weeks and an exam at the end of the year. Speaking and listening is assessed through specific tasks during the year.  Through a process of teacher assessment and peer assessment, students are clearly shown their strengths (www) and areas for development (ebi). We think it’s extremely important that students respond to achievable targets.