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Year 11

  • College and Sixth Form Open Days 2016-17 can be viewed by clicking on the link:

College and Sixth Form Open Day Information 2016-17

  • At this very important time for students, it is essential that they start to take responsibility for the planning and preparation for their exams.  For instance, they should use the master timetable to help them start to plan a revision timetable.  Relatively simple things like knowing what equipment is needed for each exam should be mapped out at this time.    Once each department has confirmed entries, students will receive their own individual timetable in February.  It is essential that it is checked very carefully, in particular any tiers of entry.  Please click on the links below for the full GCSE timetable for Summer 2017, plus some further essential information for students:

GCSE Exam Timetable Summer 2017

9.6 Warning to candidates

8.7 Information for candidates – written examinations

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