Welcome to Thomas Keble School

Working In partnership with parents and pupils

'My daughter's achievements with her learning have surpassed what we thought possible when she joined you. The value that has added to her life so far is something we will always be grateful for.'

20th November 2014
Welcome to Thomas Keble School

OFSTED (Nov 14)

judged us as 'GOOD' in all categories with student behaviour described as 'impeccable' and student achievement recognised as 'significantly above national'.

Welcome to Thomas Keble School

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Participants 2017

24th August 2017

Banned objects

Every school must remind pupils and parents at regular intervals that a number of items should not be brought into school.

This is to protect all children╩╝s Health and Safety or to help us maintain an efficient and effective learning environment. None of this is new to us but it is helpful to remind all of current expectations. Every parent is asked to help us in this respect.

The list can never be exhaustive but is based on two simple principles:

  • Children should only bring to school what they need for their lessons or other organised activities.
  • Children should never bring anything that could be dangerous, offensive or illegal!

Obvious examples include:

  • Aerosols
  • Smoking materials including lighters/matches
  • Knives or other sharp or potentially dangerous objects
  • Published material which would be offensive to others
  • Valuable objects which are not needed for lessons
  • Chewing gum
  • Inappropriate jewellery

Mobile phones should not be carried by a child while at school but, if required, should be left at the school office for safekeeping. Other items may be added as necessary. When children ignore the above then the item will be confiscated.

The school cannot take responsibility for any item when the above rules are disobeyed.

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