The GCSE Physical Education course will appeal to you if you: have a keen interest in sport and recreation and always look forward to PE lessons; take part in sport/recreation outside class time; want to follow a course that develops knowledge and understanding through practical involvement; want to improve your own performance in a range of sports roles; are considering a sports-related career or a higher level course.

It is beneficial if you have achieved at least a level 6 in your end of Key Stage 3 assessments.

The course builds on knowledge, understanding and skills established in Key Stage 3 Physical Education. It will give you exciting opportunities to be involved in a number of different physical activities, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. You can perform in one or all of the following roles: player, leader, organiser, choreographer or official.

Activities you can choose range from football, basketball, netball, hockey, rugby, cricket, squash, tennis to skiing, golf, surfing, Judo, swimming, dance, cycling, horse-riding, trampolining and many, many more.

The units studied are as follows:

You will have to sit one exam if you take the full course award worth 1 GCSE. If you are good enough you will be entered for the double award which means sitting another exam. The theory section is worth 40% of your final mark.

 Every time you take part in a practical activity you will have to complete a controlled assessment. You will be marked on 4 different activities for the full course award and 8 different activities for the double award. This section is worth 60% of your final mark.

PE and the world of work.

  • PE teacher / Sports Coaching
  • Sports Physiotherapist / Sports massage
  • Sports Psychology /Sports Journalist