History KS4

We are studying the OCR Schools History Project Full Course.

The units studied are as follows:

Study in Development ‘Medicine Through Time’

  • Medicine in Prehistoric Times
  • Medicine in the Ancient World
  • Medicine in the Middle Ages
  • The Medical Renaissance
  • Growth of Modern Medicine
  • Medicine in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Study in DepthThe American West 1840-1895′

  • How did the Plains Indians live on the Great Plains?
  • Why did people settle and stay in the West?
  • What were the consequences of the spread of cattle ranching to the Plains?
  • Why did white Americans and the Plains Indians find it so difficult to reach a peaceful settlement of their differences?

Historical Source InvestigationDevelopments in British Medicine, 1200-1945′

  • The impact of industrialisation on living conditions and health and hygiene and the development of public health systems in the nineteenth century for our Year 10


  • One exam of 2 hours worth 45% of the total mark based upon the Study in Development and the Study in Depth
  • One exam of 1 ½ hours worth 30% based on the Historical Source Investigation
  • The Controlled Assessment of about 2000 words worth 25% of the final mark, which will be completed during Year 11

The Controlled Assessment will be based upon a learning programme that has been completed on an aspect of one of the following:

  • History Around Us
  • Modern World Study