Religious Education is not just for the religious. Religious beliefs form the basis of most cultures and inform the way people live. Religious Education aims to develop skills of identification, understanding, analysis and evaluation which will enable students to become valuable members of society who understand and respect diversity.

At Thomas Keble we study all the main world religions during years 7 and 8 using an issues based approach. We also consider non-religious perspectives and aim to develop the students’ own awareness, thinking skills and spirituality through study as well as direct experience.

Religious Education in years 7 and 8 is taught according to the Locally Agreed Syllabus. We fully embrace the key principles of the syllabus: engagement, spirituality and rigour.

The units studied are as follows:

Year 7

  • Introductory unit: What is Religious Education?
  • The life and influence of Jesus: Are the teachings of Jesus still relevant today?
  • Spirituality and the Arts: How do people express spirituality through art and music?

Year 8:

  • Buddhism: Do the Buddha’s teachings still have relevance today?
  • Sikhism: How are Sikh teachings put into practice today?
  • Ultimate Questions: Who made the universe? Why is there suffering? Death: is it the end?
  • Religion Today: How can people who have different beliefs and ideals get on well together?
  • Peace and Conflict: Are religions a source of peace or a cause of conflict?

Year 9:

  • Our World (Exploring Creation and our place in the World)
  • Is it Fair? (Issues of Justice and Equality)

Students now begin studying the WJEC GCSE Short course in Religious Studies in Y9. The course is studied over 2 years with students taking the GCSE exam at the end of Y10.


Assessment is built into our Schemes of Work throughout KS3 and students are assessed using the attainment targets in the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus. Average attainment in RE nationally is Level 5/6 at the end of Y9 [end of KS3] and average expected progress is two sub-levels a year.