History KS3

All pupils have the opportunity to study History at Key Stage 3. In order to ensure that pupils are fully prepared for any further studies at Key Stage 4 we have decided to approach History in a thematic and chronological way. Running through the Key Stage 3 course, pupils will be able to study different aspects in the way society, power and conflict help shape our lives.




Autumn Term

The key theme across KS3 this term is SOCIETY.

An introduction to History*

Does Roman Gloucestershire help us decide if Ancient Rome was brutal
or civilised?

How did society change in the Tudor Age?

Why was England so divided in the 17th Century?

How did World War 1 change society?

Spring Term

The key theme across KS3 this term is POWER.

How did William of Normandy gain and maintain control of England?

Why was there conflict in the New World?

Britain and her Empire.

How did the balance of power shift in Europe after the First World

Summer Term

The key theme across KS3 this term is CONFLICT.

Why did Medieval monarchs come into conflict with their own people?

Britain and the Industrial Revolution.

Slavery and its Abolition.

Did the end of World War 2 bring peace or conflict to the world?

*The start of Year 7 sees all pupils studying an “Introduction to History” course over the first 3 weeks of term to introduce them to the key terms and skills necessary to take advantage of the course.